Terence Mckenna denounces Relativism

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Integral Studies, Philosophical Debris

This is an excellent example of an Orange, Rationalist, Modernist condemning Green, Trans-Rational, Post-Modern Relativism.  His critiques are mostly correct, but he still totally misses the point.  Rampant relativism is the single biggest weakness of the Green position, but that doesn’t mean that you throw it all out.  Post-Modernism asks that you consider everything equally and respect a variety of perspectives.  It doesn’t demand that you consider every perspective to be equally valid.

It is easy to find misinterpretations of any world view.  Those fundamentalist religious Reds would likely point to this scientist as an example of why science should not be trusted.  While they would be right, it’s not reasonable to throw out all of science because of individual problems.


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