Assault rifles for everyone!!

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Current Events, politics
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I don’t even begin to understand the logic.  Perhaps someone out there can at least point me in the right direction to try to understand this one.

In a previous entry I commented on the new Crime Omnibus bill being pushed by Harper, designed to criminalize a wider range of transgressions, tighten up “justice” and inevitably put more people into our prisons.  -All at a time when our crime stats seem to be decreasing and most research shows that the most effective way to curtail crime is to reduce poverty.

This is followed now by announcements of Harper’s plans to eliminate the long gun registry.  Among other things, this new bill will place such guns as the Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle, which was the weapon of choice for last summer’s Norway massacre and for 1989’s Montreal massacre, along with sniper and armor-piercing rifles that can accurately kill at 2 km, into the declassified and unrestricted category.  Furthermore, the plan once the registry is stopped is to destroy all existing records, making sure that no gun owners feel that they are victims of “Orwellian gun restrictions”.

One of the things that most Canadians are proud of is that we have a less gun crazy attitude than do Americans, resulting in fewer gun related crimes and problems.  I don’t have a problem with hunting rifles or shotguns.  In fact, my understanding is that Canada has a larger per-capita possession of hunting rifles than even Americans do.  We have a lot more wilderness and perhaps are more outdoor oriented.  We have fewer militias and weekend warriors that like to get together to shoot up the woods or a target range for the hell of it.

But unless you are planning to take down a armor clad deer at 2 km I’m not sure that hunter’s can argue the need to have unrestricted access to military style weapons.  Like hand guns, the sole purpose of these weapons are to shoot people.  Ask yourself, who exactly will purchase these weapons.  Collectors?  Maybe, but I doubt that’s all, or even the majority.  Additionally there is the danger that when such weapons become more available that people who normally wouldn’t buy them will acquire them because they’re not keen on the idea of only the crazies having access to them.

It seems like a contradiction, but it’s one that we’ve become accustom to seeing south of the border.  There is a conservative mentality that is all about tighter standards of justice and more penalties (for the things that they don’t particularly like, such as those related to a lefty, pinko lack of values), but at the same time fool themselves into thinking that they are strongly pro-freedom.  -Especially when that freedom involves things like owning guns.  They believe that everybody should be free as long as you agree with their values, and they should be allowed to defend themselves against anyone who disagrees with them with their guns.

It’s an infantile contradiction that seems to have found a home in our Conservative government.  Ask yourself which American statesman Harper seems to be emulating here, Bush or Obama?

  1. Michael says:

    Hunter S. Thompson?

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