Posted: November 18, 2011 in Entertainment

I’m off tonight and for the weekend to, of all things a SciFi convention being held downtown.  It will be interesting as the hotel hosting it is right beside the “Occupy” camp, with the Santa Clause parade being thrown in for good measure on Sunday!!  This is a chance for me to explore my more nerdy side, but it’s not one of those conventions where people dress up like Star Wars characters (I think…).  Several of my favorite authors, John Scalzi, Robert Charles Wilson and Robert J. Sawyer will be there giving talks and signing autographs, etc.  Being an avid SciFi reader and having always wanted to write it, this should be a good time.

I was going to put in a blog entry here about why I am so fond of Science Fiction.  It occurs to me that it might be better written after the convention.


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