Attawapiskat First Nation State of Emergency

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Current Events

This Huff Post article and accompanying video says it better than I possibly can.  But be prepared to see some horrendous images and conditions that exist right here in Canada.  Disgraceful!!

The Attawapiskat community has dozens of families living in worse than 3rd world conditions.  Their leadership has declared a state of emergency and it has been totally ignored by the government and all aid agencies.  We donate millions and feel good about aid to the far corners of the Earth, but allow Native Canadians to suffer and live in squallier in the midst of the cold north.  Here are over 90 people, half of them children, living in shacks and tents, with the local school condemned because it was deemed to be toxic, who may very well freeze to death this winter.  And we’ve turned our backs, pretending that they don’t exist.

I know many will say, “How did the people there get to this state and why aren’t they doing more to help themselves?”  That may or may not be true.  The second half of the article points to many deficiencies in the way these people have been treated in the past, so I wouldn’t be too quick to pass that kind of judgement.  But the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter!!  If it were a community in Africa, we wouldn’t get all judgmental, but realize that these people just need some compassion and charity.  If you had families living in this state in the middle of Toronto, regardless of the disposition of the adults, people would demand proper care for the children.

It seems that those standards don’t exist for Aboriginal Canadians.  They’re expendable.  We should be ashamed of ourselves. We should be even more ashamed if we don’t get off our butts and do something about it now that it has been exposed.  Contact an MP or an agency that provides aid.

Thanks to Glenn Marais for pointing out this travesty.

  1. Michael says:

    We should clean up our own back yard first, before sending relief missions far away.

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