Attawapiskat Update – Resolution?

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Current Events, politics

It just hit the news this afternoon.  The Canadian Red Cross and Federal Government have both sent people and funds to the Attawapiskat community which recently declared a state of emergency.  An amount of $500 000 has been allotted to raise living standards, with an additional $2 million available.

An interesting postscript to the news report was a curious statement that the Federal Government was surprised and confused as to the development because they had granted a total of $80 million to the Aboriginal Band over the past five years.  This is a serious situation.  If the money was squandered or misdirected by the Band, it should be exposed and there should be consequences, both for the mismanagement of funds and for willfully allowing the painful tragedy of this situation to develop.  If the money never reached the Band, then the government has some critical house cleaning to do.

Either way, the children and families that have been suffering in the Attawapiskat community should not have been made to suffer for the incompetence of others.  Direct intervention is clearly called for and seems to be possible now.


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