A Few Words On Conspiracy Theories & THRIVE

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Current Events, Environment, Integral Studies, Philosophical Debris, politics
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A few weeks ago when I put up a post about my favorite web sites, I mentioned a new site that I’d just found and which looked very interesting.  I said I’d get back to you on it, so…

THRIVE, is a website up up by Foster Gamble (of the famous Proctor and Gamble family).  The introductory video on the home page sums it up pretty well.

Foster Gamble, it seems, was in the fortunate postition of having enough financial security through his family fortune that he spent his life on a quest for the answer to some important questions.  His answers brought him into a strange world of UFO conspiracies, crop circles and the New World Order.  This is all brought together on a 132 minute video called Thrive, which I bought but which is available to stream for free on his web site.

Both the video and the web site are very slick and well produced, and my first reaction to that is to be suspicious.  Then I realize that if someone truly wanted to appoach this information sincerely and with integrity, why do we expect it to be a shoddy job and view a professional presentation with suspicion.  After all, Gamble did not have the financial handicap that plagues most like minded advocates.  The site goes to great pains to present information clearly and back it up as thoroughly as it can.  As far as I can see, there is very little advrtizing or promotion of related products, other than the video (which, as I said, is available free) and a few coffee mugs and t-shirts.  Somehow I don’t get the feeling that he’s in this for the money.

The hardest claim to swallow is his presentation on UFOs.  Much to Fox Mulder’s delight, he claims that UFOs are real and that the government is covering up their knowledge.  He points to a collection of witnesses who claim direct contact and to the retired military officials who recently were whistle-blowers.  I’ve always been torn on the UFO thing.  While it seems quite possible that we could be enjoying visits from extra-terrestrials, and I do truly believe that the government would be capable of covering up such a contact, it does seem a little odd to me that there doesn’t exist a great deal more evidence.  Conspiracy theorists would claim that “the truth is out there” and that it is just being buried by the powers that be, but I don’t see how it hasn’t been blown wide open yet by some enterprising journalist.

Now, I say that, and yet I have to take part of it back when I look at Crop Circles.  I have always been intrigued by Crop Circles.  The speed and complexity with which they are routinely created is just amazing.  The explanations given by doubters, that they are made by a bunch of yokels with 2x4s in the middle of the night, just doesn’t wash.  And yet they are generally viewed sceptically.  These massive events, miraculously done in plain sight are explained by a few shallow words and dismissed.  I have yet to see a satisfactory explanation for Crop Circles.  I have yet to see a solid exposé or demonstration of how this could be accomplished by local pranksters (or even dedicated ones).  If this kind of overt, dramatic evidence can be so easily sidelined by a cover up and manipulation of information, then one has to ask oneself what else could fall prey to the same techniques.

The second part of the Thrive video deals with a new source of power called a Taurus.  This is a mechanism that is able to extract power from space.  I spoke to a physicist recently who refered to it as a “quantum pump”.  According to Gamble, there has been solid success and achievement in producing this kind of power, starting with Tesla back in the early 20th Century.  However each time a notable advance is made, the government moves in and raids the lab, slapping a gag order on the inventor on the basis of national security.  Again, it sounds like b-movie stuff, but Gamble supplies a lot of documentation on the web site.

Do I believe that the government is involved in the suppression of new technology?  Why not?  I recently found someone who claims that their farm was burned to the ground because they were pursuing research on the harmful effects of MSG.  We’ve seen countless examples of pharmaceutical companies that have conducted immoral experiments in Third World Countries and even on North American residents, where governments have been in collusion.  The idea of a trillion dollar energy industry taking action to protect their investments is not really that hard to visualize.  Imagine the chaos that would result in the development and distribution of a machine that produced energy from nothing.  Not only the special interests of the oil industry would be impacted, but the very financial stability and fabric of the world would be thrown into turmoil.

Gamble claims to have witnesses machines which demonstrated this kind of energy production.  I haven’t delved into his proof on the web site.  I can’t help but wonder why these people haven’t just published their findings on the Internet for the world to see.  Once it was on the Internet, it would be hard to suppress,  …but not impossible, again thinking of crop circles and also of the many scientists who are blacklisted because they support an unpopular idea.  Things can be suppressed in plain sight.

The third area that Gamble tackles in Thrive is the idea of financial conspiracy and global domination.  This one, for me, is a no-brainer.  The idea that a small group of banker families are trying to control the world economy to their own profit has been around for decades.  It used to be a crackpot theory, but in the last five years or so we’ve seen irrefutable proof.  The financial crisis of 2008 was orchestrated by the higher echelons of the financial community, who subsequently reaped huge bailouts and are now enjoying billion dollar profits just from the interest of those bailouts.  The Federal Reserve, controlled by the same three or four families who control the World Bank and even have a controlling interest in the United Nations, is finally coming under scrutiny as the bogey man behind the increasing gap between rich and poor.  Not everyone wants to occupy Wall Street, but many of the central ideas motivating that movement have become common beliefs now.  The occupations of banker or financier have probably dropped in respect, even below telemarketers.  Now whether they are out to subvert democracy and achieve world domination is just a matter of degree.  Clearly there is an elite that is capable of manipulating the world economy and everything that is attached to it, …and they aren’t very concerned with the rest of us.

So my final take on Gamble and his THRIVE movement is that, while some of his ideas may be a bit extreme, and some require additional verification, the central ideas are pretty sound.  I find Gamble to be a man of integrity, not trying to make every link a sales pitch for a new side product (unlike the Integral Life site) and truly dedicated to his cause.  Is view of the future is refreshing and the conclusion of his video makes numerous recommendations as to what ordinary people can do to help achieve a better future.


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