The KOBO Travesty Continues

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Personal Whining

Today marks the two week mark in the KOBO travesty.  After my mother’s Kobo froze, here is a summary of my interaction with their customer relations department:

1.  I contacted them by phone and was told that the new procedure was for them to e-mail me instructions and a request for further info.

2. Two days later when I’d not heard anything from them I contacted their customer relations number and waited on the phone for the required e-mail to show up in my in-box.  Once it did, I filled it out and returned it right away.

3.  I then waited another two business days and heard nothing at all, not even a confirmation that they’d received my reply.

4.  I called the customer relations number again, which was unable to provide me with any further info other than they’d passed the e-mail on to the technical division.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told, bluntly, that that was not possible.  (I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced that before.)

5.  I waited another day and tried the customer relations number again.  This time I was cut off once after being put on hold, once when I was in the middle of a conversation with the rep, and then afterwards got a busy signal each subsequent time I tried to call.

6.  At this point I tracked down the number for the business office for Kobo in Toronto and called them.  The receptionist passed me on to an executive who did return my call.  Subsequently I received another e-mail asking me whether the unit in question had an extended warranty.  I replied that it did not and as a result I was sent info on how to send and insure the unit to a specific address at my own expense.  That ended up being around $15, but I sent it the next daywhich was one week ago.

7.  I then waited until the following Tuesday, not receiving any message from Kobo, even confirming receipt.  Up till today (Thurs.) I still have not gotten any response.  I tried calling on Wed. and was told that they couldn’t tell me anything new.  I tried the exec. number I used last week, have left three messages and still haven’t heard anything back.

8. Finally, just now calling the receptionist at Kobo Inc. again (each of these being a long distance call) she forwarded me a different person, whose voice mail came up yet again.  I am now awaiting a reply… … …


Ahh yes.  Thank you very much for your patience sir, the unit was received yesterday and … oh the tech department sent you a confirmation e-mail just 5 minutes ago.  We’ll be testing the unit and will get back to you sometime early next week when we’ve determined the problem.

Mmm.  Next week?  Well, I pointed out to this very polite gentleman that this was a striking departure from previous customer service quality.  To which he replied that they’d unfortunately been swamped with a lot of repair requests lately and were struggling with the new products.  He stated that, in the beginning when it was a new product, they were doing more to incur the cost of shipping in repairs, but now they were holding more strictly to the wording of the actual warranty.

He assured me that they were doing everything possible to improve the situation for the future.  I felt that was a little ironic.  It was almost like he was saying, “We’ll try to do better next time it breaks down.”


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