When is a conspiracy not a conspiracy?

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Current Events, Personal Whining, politics

Conspiracy theorists have gotten a bum rap over the past few decades.  You’ve had several religions predicting “end of days” dates that have come and gone, you had y2k which was a non issue, you had The X-Files where conspiracy investigators were often depicted as bumbling fools.  As a result, as soon as anyone proposes a conspiracy, it immediately has negative connotations and tends to be dismissed.  People think of UFO nuts or David Icke’s shape-shifting lizard aliens from another dimension.  Or the questions around 9-11.

And yet, Watergate was not a false conspiracy. A president was impeached over it, after many lies were told.

And yet, more and more people are awakening to the fact that something fishy is going on with our economics.  When a small group of people take purposeful action to undermine a world economy and others choose to disregard open warnings, one has to be a little suspicious, especially when most of those same people end up making huge profits as a result of those same actions, while ordinary people suffer profound consequences.  People are questioning why the very banks and financial institutions whose mistakes resulted in the crisis received trillions of dollars in government bailouts while many seniors had their retirement savings wiped out.  And now those bailed out banks are earning billions of dollars a year in profits on the interest of the very money that they received from the government, and the control held by the few families at the top of the banking pyramid has only been consolidated. the rich contrived a situation and now the rich (or at leas t the very rich) are richer and the poor are poorer.

By all definitions that I know, this is a conspiracy, …and yet to say so immediately puts you in the same category as the UFO crackpots.

Does anyone really think that the Bush administration truly believed that Saddam Hussein really held meaningful weapons of mass destruction?  The information and intelligence was manipulated to allow the U.S. to attack a country for other reasons, -none of which had anything to do with 9-11.  The public where sold a story to justify the entire procedure, just as they were in Viet Nam.  the possibility of anti-war protests over Iraq was neatly short circuited by the context of  9-11.  In the end the truth about weapons of mass destruction came out with the government saying, “OOOPS”.  And yet even now there are people in the U.S. who truly believe that the army found WMD when they entered Iraq, so successful is the cult of spin in brainwashing the public.  I can’t believe that it was all just a comedy of errors or series of accidents.  It was a conspiracy.

A conspiracy is a group of people deliberately trying to reach a goal through deception, misdirection, or inaction.  By being conditioned to think of conspiracies as the domain of crackpots, we are less likely to admit to ourselves the possibility of government conspiracies, the conspiracies of the pharmaceutical companies, the conspiracy of Monsanto to dominate and control the world’s food supply,or the conspiracy by financial power brokers to artificially and deliberately create a situation that would lead to a self-serving crisis.

Like the issue of “lies” discussed in the previous post, we’ve been conditioned and desensitized to the issue of conspiracy.  Anyone who proclaims a conspiracy is viewed as a little weird or paranoid.  And, in truth, some are.  But more and more people are asking themselves some questions about certain situations in the world.  More and more interesting documentaries are appearing, trying to bring forward the truth.  And the great hope and bastion of free information and discussion, the Internet, is under attack by governments and other agents who want to control and censor it.  This cannot be allowed, lest one of the best tools we’ve ever had to insure freedom and truth be compromised.

  1. Michael says:

    It’s starting to feel more and more like the history books I’ve read on the buildup to WWII
    More and more hype, less and less real, hard, accurate, verifiable news …. 😦

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