Attawapiskat forced to pay $300 000 a year for oversight.

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Current Events, politics

Thanks to Michael for pointing out this new development in the Attawapiskat story.

In yesterday’s Star there was an article indicating that the Attawapiskat Tribe will be required to pay a third party manager about $1 300 a day for them to oversee the tribe’s finances.  So, while providing additional assistance, they are also clawing back $300 000 that has to be paid to a Jacques Marion.  That’s $300 000 less for housing or education.

The article is a little confusing.  It doesn’t confirm whether the money will impact on the additional grant money that was promised to the tribe (which, incidentally, still seems to be nothing more than a promise).  It doesn’t say why this is being done.  Does the tribe require a financial overseer because the previous funds were mismanaged?  If so, I think that we have a right to know, in the interest of getting a truthful picture of the transactions between the Indian Affairs Ministry and these people.  Or is this smoke and mirrors to divert attention away from government mismanagement?  None of this seems to be included in the reports.  It is important to know whether the government screwed up or whether the Aboriginal Peoples require better management skills.

I’d also like to know a bit more about how and why this one individual walks home with $1 300 a day, -especially when it seems that the Conservative government itself questions the efficiency of third party managers.  Is this guy somebody’s nephew?  There needs to be some transparency and accountability here.  On all sides.


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