Look on the bright side.

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Current Events, Election, Integral Studies, Personal Whining, Philosophical Debris, politics

Last week I read an article in Macleans titled American Idiots.  No, it wasn’t about Green Day.  I’m sure you can guess that it was a summary of the joke that the Republican party is calling a nomination campaign.  From Cain to Palin to Bachmann to Perry to Trump, it is really hard not to look at these as a bunch of clowns who seem to be devouring their own party with their idiocy.  And then, of course there’s also Ron Paul, the 76 year old Libertarian, which places him to the right of Ayn Rand and very close to being an anarchist.  (And I’m not sure Ron Paul would disagree with me.)

They are, like Frank Miller, turning into a parody of themselves and are hard to take seriously.  If this is the best that the Right and its preoccupation with the Tea Party can muster, either Obama has nothing to worry about or the U.S. has a great deal to worry about.

But that’s not what I want to talk about here, because as I was reading this the whole issue turned inside out for me.  Is it possible for the moderates that make up a majority of the population to look at this mess and not have a spontaneous realization that something is seriously wrong??  There is already a dominant feeling that the American Congress is deplorable and completely misguided in its priorities and effectiveness.  For all of its controversy, the Occupy Wall Street movement struck some kind of chord with most people.  Few are fooled by the slight of hand effected the the banks over the past four years.

The truth is out there.  Instead of 2012 being a year for an apocalyptic disaster, the alternate interpretation is that it will see the emergence of a new truth and consciousness.  Is it possible that people can witness the folly of the current situation and not realize that a fundamental change is essential?  We’ve seen it in the Arab world, where the Arab spring, as flawed as it may be, has brought new hope and steps towards democracy.  We see it in governments and businessmen starting to recognize the importance of alternative energy sources.  We see more documentaries speaking out against the status quo and more information being freely available through the Internet.  There are definate signs that some people are waking up.

The kind of social transcendence that I’m talking about doesn’t require for everyone to shift.  The extremists won’t budge.  But the moderates and centrists must be looking at what is going on and scratching their heads.  It only takes a shift by 10% to 20% in order to effect transformation on a larger scale.  What kind of transformation?  I would venture to guess, in the terms of Integral Theory, that many at the orange level will move towards green, and many at the green level will move towards the second tier.  Or in more basic terms, people will begin to move towards a more world-centric perspective, with greater understanding, concern and support for each other.  Certainly, that seemed to be the theme and the spirit behind Obama’s speech last Tuesday.  It was an appeal to the higher nature within people.  Here in Canada, that was the legacy of Jack Layton, and we saw a shift in public consciousness that must have baffled and then frightened the Conservatives.

The kind of idiocy currently seen in American politics and the economic circus that supports it is as transparent as transparent can be.  Perhaps it is a necessary step to discredit the dead wood.  Perhaps it is necessary for people to stare into the eyes of the beast before they can realize what is going on.  Perhaps the havoc wrought by Climate Change or by pollution needs to flex its muscles a bit before people can see the harm of their way of life.  The Mayan Elders claim that the years leading up to the end of 2012 will be those with most turmoil, and then we have the option to develop into a more enlightened culture.  I’d like to think that this is what is happening and what we’re experiencing now are the contractions before birth, -which may mean that will be some rough times ahead for the next year or so.

The potential for disaster is in a race with a potential for hope.  The transcendence of our cultural view could make all the difference in the world.  Those of us preparing for the worst have to remember to hope (and work) for the best.  It is a close race, and the good old boys won’t be happy if they lose, but there are signs in the air things are moving in a positive direction.



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