Lost Stories

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Current Events

Some stories flash up on the news media and then seem to fade away.  The fickle nature of the media often causes strange stories to blink in and out of existance on the same day.  Often these stories don’t deserve to be forgotten.  Does anybody remember the Mayor Ford 911 call where he was alleged to call the dispatcher a “bitch”?  The fact that the recording of the call was never released to exonerate the mayor became a forgotten footnote in the news, -just as we knew it would.  And there are many other examples that I could quote.

One such story is the CNN report about the exposure of eugenics practices in some U.S. states during the period of 1950 – 1975.  There was verified reports that dozens of states promoted the involuntary sterilization of young people so that they would be unable to reproduce.  Some were mentally challenged, while others were epileptics or even just considered to be promiscuous.  The fact that this happened in my life time is just unbelievable.  The fact that it was done with the full knowledge of executive and judicial branches of government is remarkable.

When I heard this story, the issue was whether states were going to provide any compensation for the victims of these policies, and the general consensus was that there wouldn’t be any forthcoming.  That, in my opinion, is the least of it.  The mere fact that it occurred should be examined, investigated and vetted  from all angles.  The arrogance of a government to pursue such a policy should be exposed and fully publicized.  One has to wonder whether there was any similar policy in Canadian provinces during the same period.

And yet, as far as I can tell, the story was born and died on the same day.  Was it buried?  Perhaps, was it misinformed?  Whatever the reason, it’s avoidance is a concern and it is an example of a story which should have been investigated more thoroughly and openly.

Another story that I was afraid was going to die to quickly did get picked up again today.  On Tuesday CNN reported that the outgoing Governor of Mississippi marking his departure by pardoning, as he has the right to do, over 200 convicts including four notorious murderers.  Perhaps it was his revenge on the state population for his departure.  (I’m not clear on the circumstances of his leaving.)  Perhaps he just felt regal when departing, wanting to celebrate by offering clemency to the masses.

On Wed. there was no mention of the issue, but today, Thurs., it seems to be revisited.  The thing that is still not being mentioned at all is anything about Governor Barber and what must have been going through his weird, southern mind that would cause him to free a small army of dangerous convicts.  I hope that this one gets fully investigated.

Lots of questions are left unanswered or unfollowed in the media.  What ever happened in Tunisia?  Was any bailout money ever paid back?  What ever happened to Gaddafi son?  Whatever happened to the World Court’s indictment of the Pope?

Some news shouldn’t be disposable.  I could care less about a story about Romney’s dog.  There’s too much crap on the news stations.  The CBC and the BBC are a little better than CNN and way better than FOX, …but still.


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