Tin Tin

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Entertainment, Reviews

One of the movies that has gotten excellent reviews and appears on a few “Best of…” lists is The Adventures of Tin Tin.  Caught it last night with a few friends and a group of teenagers.  All of us felt that it was a bit of a let down.  Clearly trying to emulate the comic book vibe, it was rather simplistic, slap-stick and melodramatic.  The best part of the film was the impressive use of CGI, which really heralds a new age of film making where real sets and actors may not be necessary.  Who will be the first CGI character film star?? To be fair, we didn’t see the 3D version, but other friends I’ve spoken to say that it was effective, but didn’t save the film.  I get the feeling that it would be more suited to a very young audience.

The story was adequate, but when the inevitable sequel comes out I won’t be rushing to see it.  I’ll probably pick it up on DVD, though.

I would give this film a B-.


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