Tolerance within the Left and Right

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Current Events, Election, Integral Studies, politics

I saw an interesting poll today on CNN which answered something that I’ve wondered about for a while.  The question was “Do you feel that your way of life is superior and right to the exclusion of others?”  There was a very clear pattern in the answer.  The question was answered “yes” by 63% of conservatives, 50% of moderates/independents and 35% by liberals.

I’ve often wondered whether the stubbornness and egocentricity attributed to the right was equally demonstrated by the left.  This poll suggests that while there are some in both camps, the right outdoes the left two to one.  This translates into two tendancies.

When viewing other cultures and what they may have to contribute to our own, the left is far more tolerant and considerate, while the right is more prejudice and rejecting.

I would guess that this works when considering each other’s ideologies as well.  The right is more ready to condemn any contribution that the left might make, while the left is more likely to admit that the right may have a legitimate point.

I think this is borne out by actual events.  It is also borne out by Integral Theory as applied to politics, as those at higher levels tend to be more inclusive of the ideas that are held by those below them.


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