Sex, Politics and Religion

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Current Events, politics, Religion
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Lots of stuff about sex these days.  No it’s not to try to boost my readership, but rather because it has become the new hot topic in the U.S. Republican election.  Once again right wing conservatives and especially social conservatives are pointing out that they think that they have no business in the boardrooms and financial offices of the nation, but have every right to be in the bedrooms of the nation.  As pointed out in my previous post about the repression of sexuality, as a result it’s all they can talk about.

It is so ironic that these people who think that any kind of sexual activity must be for the purpose of procreation (and Santorum has stated that fact categorically on several occasions) and even tell their children that touching themselves to get pleasure is evil, seem totally preoccupied with talking about the topic.  They’re obsessed with birth control and abortion and sex education and gay marriage at a time when their country might benefit from some attention to the real political issues.

The current round of sex talks centres on the issue of contraception, brought up by a badly mismanaged move by the Obama administration regarding contraception coverage by medical insurance.  I say a bad move because it was poorly explained and, I think, totally misjudged the implications to Catholic organizations which would be forced to pay for a service that contradicted their values.  It was bad PR and the fix may have solved the problem but not the political damage.  Some people have said, why include contraception in insurance packages at all, as it is a minor expense.  The answer to that is that it is a preventative measure that insurance companies actually like as it reduces claims in the long run.  It speaks to education and counseling, which social conservatives also want to stifle (’cause we can’t talk about sex even though that’s all we seem to think about).  Also, there is the lesser known fact that a lot of birth control pills are prescribed for medical reasons which don’t involve contraception.

To be clear, Santorum has stated that while he has not voted against the existence of contraception, he is personally strongly against any kind of contraception which encourages sexual activity without the possible consequence of conception.  In simpler terms, he not only thinks that all sex outside of marriage is wrong, but also inside of marriage where the purpose is not to make babies.  He hasn’t stated it, but if he’s true to form he undoubtedly thinks that masturbation is evil as well.  Fortunately, there’s no legislation that seems to work on that.

While politicians like Santorum can’t openly ban contraception in our society, they no doubt wish they could.  They accomplish it by defunding Planned Parenthood and other similar organizations.  One of the candidates, and I don’t remember which right now, stated that they would remove funding to certain committees of the United Nations because of their support of China’s “one child” policy.  Imagine discouraging contraception in China, of all places, where their rampant population growth is a serious threat not only to them but to the rest of the world.

We’ve seen this unfold here in Canada, where Prime Minister Harper has repeatedly backed away from overtly dealing with any issues like abortion, gay marriage or contraception. Instead, partly becasue he is very sly and partly because we don’t have a system where policies undergo as much scrutiny as they do in the States, Harper has waged a quite, covert war on women’s rights groups and the government funding of organizations which contraception counseling.  While Santorum claims to respect the political integrity of contraception, his own extreme views would lead to the same kind of back room policy making in the U.S.

And then there’s Speaker Gingrich, who obviously deserves our sympathy and condolences.  His current wife was his mistress for years while he was “cheating” on his very ill, previous wife.  During those years of extra marital contact (and in the time since, even after they were married) there was no pregnancy.  If Newt is truly a pious believer in Catholic doctrine, as he would have us think, then either they didn’t have any sex during that entire relationship or one/both of them are impotent or sterile.  Perhaps we should pray for them.

Santorum, on the other hand, at least lives his madness.  He has a large brood of children.  He accuses Romney of being out of touch with the poor while encouraging families to end up with lots of children like him.  He can afford it.  One of his children has a physical disability.  I’m sure there’s a nanny/nurse at home to look after Bella while mom and dad are on the campaign trail.  -The point here being that it is hypocritical for a wealthy man to take a position against contraception, thereby encouraging the poor to end up with large, unmanageable families which they can’t support and which will lead to increased financial and psychological stress.  Ether that or forgo sex, -oh, and of course we can’t talk about it or provide education about it.

It seems like a neurotic way of looking at things.  But, of course “neurotic” is an intellectual word and social conservatives tend to be anti-intellectual as well.


What complete rubbish and what a naked expose of the right’s disdain for education and intellectuals.  Could it be, Rick, that people emerge from universities having re-evaluated their beliefs because they’re smarter?  You do realize, with respect, that you sound a bit like a paranoid schizophrenic…

Thank you Rick Santorum.  With your neurotic puritanism, and those scenes where all the religious leaders are surrounding you and laying on hands in prayer (like some kind of weird rekei treatment) I’m sure you will help to drive all sane moderates into the Democratic camp, fleeing the religious orgy of sanctimonious crap.



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