“We Need To Talk About Kevin” Movie Review

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Entertainment, Movies, Reviews

We Need To Talk About Kevin is a film steeped in depression, dark suspense and malevolence, in the same vein as The Road and Melancholia.  Its intensity is guaranteed to play on the darker side of your mind, causing you to leave the movie in a state of despair.  It’s probably not a good date movie unless the idea is to have a long cry together afterwards.

This film traces the development of Kevin from a baby to just before his 16th birthday when he unleashes his evil.  This film focuses on the mother, played magnificently by Tilda Swinton, who senses that there is something wrong with her son from the time he is a baby.  The audience is always wondering if the problem in innate in Kevin or a result of the mother’s mixed emotions about the child, bringing forward the nature/nurture theme within the film.  Kevin, played by several actors through the film, only shows his disturbed side to his mother, and so the father never understands or supports the mother.  Each incarnation of Kevin masterfully captures the sly malevolence and sets the hair on the back of your neck on edge.

I found the first half of the film a bit slow, intrigued by the mood, but feeling that it wasn’t really going anywhere.  The great acting and the dark mood just wasn’t enough to fully carry the film.  But by the half way mark you are hooked on the characters and the psychological drama soars.

I would give this film an A-.


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