407 Workers Strike

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Current Events

I’d love to make a comment on the 407 Workers’ Strike but, after extensive research, I can’t seem to find any mention of why they are striking.  The radio news said it was because they were being expected to do more work for the same pay, but without details that could mean anything.  There are lots of small jobs that could be added to a work load which should just be absorbed.  On the other hand if they are being asked to increase their hours, clean toilets, or do work that will allow a thriving business to trim fellow workers, I can definitely see their point.  It’s not like the 407 Corp is hurting or struggling.  If their only goal is to crank up their workers to increase their profits, then the workers and their union has a point.  -The problem is we have no way of knowing.

And if we have no way of knowing then news show interviews of the reactions of people on the street are ridiculous.  How can the public pretend to have an opinion on this point without all the facts.  It’s an example of shoddy reporting and sensationalism.

Not too many workers on the street would sit back complacently if they were suddenly asked by their employers to take on extra related or unrelated duties designed to unnecessarily reduce staff.  Would you, if you didn’t have to or if you weren’t constrained by fear?  Forming an opinion or conclusion at this point is unwise.  Without the proper background information, which can’t be that difficult to supply, this story is a waste of time.

Personally, I never use the 407.  The one time I did, in order to get to Hamilton more easily, I got a bill for $36 which was not only the regular fee, but the processing fee for a first time user.  Who does that?  When I go into a store to make a purchase, do they charge me extra the first time for the privilege of shopping there?  (Not unless it’s COSTCO.)  After paying the ridiculous amount for driving my car on “their road”, I continued to receive notices for payment for over a year, some of which were threatening letters.  No, I’ll stay away from the 407, thank you very much.


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