Bill C-10

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Current Events, politics

What do you do if you’re a Conservative party exercising a long sought after majority government?

Not unexpectedly, you behave like an authoritarian, stern parent who believes that to spare the rod is to spoil the child.  You beef up law enforcement in a time when crime is on the decline.  You criminalize minor offenses in spite of the fact that your cousins and neighbours who have made the same poor choices and suffered the negative consequences try to tell you that your are making a mistake.  You act in a way that imposes your own socially conservative values on an even larger portion of the population, because you know best in spite of whatever popular poles may say.  (And so you try to eliminate the popular poles.)

This is the paradox of conservatism.  While championing smaller government and individual rights, it’s really only for their friends.  Those of us who don’t share their values deserve more regulation and restriction, in the name of what’s right.  -Even if all the evidence points to them being wrong.


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