Robocall Election Fraud – Canadian Style

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Current Events, Election, politics
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When talking about the recent allegations made against the federal Conservative Party about the “dirty tricks” robocalls sent out in the last election, the response I usually get is that it’s nothing new and that politics is a dirty game.  These allegations accuse Conservative hired companies of sending out misleading phone calls to Liberal and NDP supporters giving them inaccurate information about polling station location.  There are also allegations about phone calls where people falsely identified themselves and pestered voters, with the apparent aim of annoying them out of voting.

This is not par for the course in Canadian elections.  Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Canada’s chief electoral officer, states that this kind of action is unprecedented in Canadian history and signifies a new low.

“People vote twice, people destroy the signs, but this automated means and this use of call centres is the first time the allegations go as far as they are going. They’re serious.”

To turn a bland eye and say that it is just part of the game is a setting a dangerous precedent and allowing the integrity of the democratic process to seriously suffer.  If it is not soundly denounced and condemned, it will certainly become the new standard, and I don’t think we want our political process to sink to that lowly, bush-league status.

People often say, “There’s nothing you can do about it.”  What a load.  If you do nothing, if you don’t respond with the full force of the law (which has a 10 year prison term for this kind of fraud), then you permit creeping corruption.  I personally feel that the “nothing you can do about it” attitude is simply a cop out, a rationalization and an excuse for being lazy.

  1. Michael says:

    I think the potential election fraud should be investigated. If evidence is found, the perpetrators should be punished to the full extent of the law. This strikes at some of the most fundamental parts of our democracy.

    Moreover, the ridings where election fraud was found to be in any way significant, compared to the winning margin, should hold retry byelections, not at taxpayer expense but at the expense of those found guilty of election fraud. Hopefully this will dampen the spirits of the next bright young spark who decided to tamper with an election.

  2. Michael says:

    Two articles today in the star.

    Compared to robo-scandal Vikileaks is a prank–walkom-compared-to-robo-scandal-vikileaks-is-a-prank

    Robo-calls could have affected outcomes in some ridings
    has a list of close ridings where dirty tricks seem to have occurred.–robo-calls-could-have-affected-outcomes-in-some-ridings

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