Once Again the U.S. Right Looks Like the Gov’t of Iran

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Current Events, Election, politics

Once again the social/political right in the U.S. is demonstrating a preoccupation with sex and showing an affinity with Muslim extremists.

The Clinton Chronicle published an article a few days ago outlining a new oath that will be required for all Republicans running for local offices.  The oath was passed in a 30 minute, closed session of the council, which refused to answer any questions afterwards.  Republican candidates in this area will be required to submit to an interview with the “Candidate Qualification Committee” and be subsequently approved.

The issues covered in the oath include:
-an opposition to abortion, in any circumstances
-upholding the right to have any kind of gun
-favouring and living up to total abstinence before marriage
-being faithful to your spouse, who cannot be a person of the same gender
-not supporting any government action that would allow for civil unions of people of the same sex
-a “compassionate and moral approach the teen pregnancy”.
-refraining from looking at pornography

Missing from the list seems to be a requirement that female candidates dress in a modest manner, not exposing too much of their bodies and having an attitude of appropriate submission to their male superiors.  Or how about regular attendance at an appropriate church?  Or taking steps to make sure your children don’t masturbate?

Once again the Right’s preoccupation with sex takes centre stage.  Interestingly, this is being done in one of those southern states where you can’t drive on a major highway without seeing countless billboards for the strip joints and porn shops that can be found on the outskirts of every town.  Oddly you don’t find the same thing in the north-eastern states.  Repression breeds excess.

Once again, the Right in the United States resembles the government of Iran, dominated by religious and social intolerance.  A friend sent me a great link to a site that compares statements by Santorum to those of the Grand Ayatollah in Iran.  It’s set up as a guessing game, so check it out, have some fun and be prepared for some surprises.

Once again, small minded, religious bigotry wants to champion free speech by restricting the rights of those that don’t agree with them.


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