KONY – Which Side to Take??

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Current Events

I have to say that many of the criticisms that have been leveled against the KONY 2012 campaign have failed to convince me.  Many of them seem to have missed the point and some just seem to come from sources who think that they’d be better able to implement the fundraising.  Yesterday I watched an interview on CNN where one of the KONY victims objected to him being made a celebrity.  Point missed.  From what I understand, the celebrity status is intended to bring to the forefront a madman who has managed to stay in the shadows for a decade.  With public notoriety, hopefully the policy makers, politicians and media will be forced to place more attention and priority on the issue.  That can’t be a bad thing.

The idea that there are other priorities more important and other monsters in Africa just as worthy of capture as Kony, is a strange one to put forward.  It becomes an exercise in paralysis, where anyone trying to do any good doesn’t because they can’t do enough.  If the effort is misplaced or if the organization is abusing the funding or the issue in any way, let’s hear about it.  Otherwise, some of these criticisms seem a little petty considering what’s at stake, -especially coming from people whose efforts seem to be negligible.

This afternoon or evening CNN is planning to interview the IC founder.  Hopefully they will ask some penetrating questions.  If the news media can’t even sort out which relief organizations we should be supporting by uncovering significant facts, then they’re not worth much.

In the meantime, I’ll take the side of action vs. inaction.


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