Chocolate, Easter, Child Slavery and Dumb Blindness

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Current Events, Media Gleanings, politics, Religion
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I was going to do an entry on child slavery being used to harvest the beans used to make Easter eggs.  Then, while researching the story, I stumbled upon something that just blew me away in its ignorance.

First the chocolate story, best summed up here in a CNN video.

There is another video, more specifically aimed at Easter that I found HERE.

At the bottom of this article, the author chose to add the following comment.

Certainly, this is a serious matter.

But does CNN have to bring attention to it four days before Easter?

As the network just aired a special about this in January, couldn’t it have been sensitive to America’s Christians by not addressing it again so close to such a holy day?

Or is that asking too much?

Yes, to answer his question, is is too much to ask.  I am dumbfounded by this individual’s offense for the following reasons:
1. The fact that chocolate Easter eggs are the issue in question has nothing to do with the true religious holiday.  To the best of my recollection, I’ve never seen a painting or depiction of the crucifixion that contained Easter bunnies or painted eggs.  Actually, Easter bunnies and eggs are a holdover from the Pagan rituals that were supplanted by Christianity when it wiped them out.
2. The idea that children kept in slavery should be ignored by Christians at a time that is celebrating the sacrifice made by Jesus for all of them so that spoiled kids won’t have to sacrifice their chocolate Easter eggs is beyond me.  The very nature of Christianity (at its best) should cry out against child slavery and should strive to avoid supporting such a dark industry.  The shallowness expressed by this man, and his relation to the true nature of his religion is a great example of what’s presently wrong with religion in the U.S.  They’ve absolutely lost thier way and have a narrow minded, selfish set of priorities which puts their child’s dumb Easter eggs above human suffering.
Please God, protect me from the suffering of others so I don’t have to give up my chocolate.  A new Easter prayer?
  1. pwiinholt says:

    As usual, it’s revealing to read the comments under the article that I referenced. The overall ignorance level is off the chart, and there is not even a decent attempt to disguise blatant racism.

    Credit where credit is due though, where, well down the comment page, one person makes a coherent argument.

    “I lived in west Africa for many years and child slavery is indeed a serious problem that should be addressed. However the CNN approach in this story does nothing to help and in fact, may do a great deal of harm, both by worsening the situation of those they are purportedly trying to help and by loading people up with misplaced guilt. First, as difficult as this may be for Americans to believe, Abdul and Yacu may have a pretty good gig compared to a lot of their fellow West Africans. The story suggests that they get regular food, some clothes, and even occasional “tips” for their labor. I knew adults who would have been happy to walk several days for an opportunity at a job with this level of compensation. Secondly, if we reduce the demand for this chocolate, as the oh-so-wise Suzanne and David seem to be suggesting, what do you think will happen to Abdul, Yacu, and others like them? Will they suddenly have the uniforms and school fees needed to begin happily attending school and thereby climb out of their admittedly (by western standards) bleak situations? Hardly, if demand and thereby the farmers income diminishes, the “tips” will be the first to go followed soon by the food and clothing.”

    I don’t know if I fully agree with him but he needs to be congratulated for at least trying to be rational in his response. But condoning the status quo and avoiding the raising of awareness is a great way to ensure that things won’t change and that we’ll all feel comfortable that way.

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