Posted: April 18, 2012 in Entertainment, Movies, Reviews

Interestingly (for me at least) I’ve got this string of blog entries coming up which all have to do with new stuff from some of my favorite artists.

The first is Joss Whedon, who you may or may not remember as the creator and chief writer for Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  People who know me well know that Buffy is a strong guilty pleasure for me.  I enjoyed it particularly because if the witty banter and great story writing from one Joss Whedon.  When I occasionally watch reruns, I’m still struck by the excellent writing.  The later series by him, Serenity, had the same flavour, but wasn’t as striking because the scenario was a lot more tame.  (Just space pirates.)  Whedon does best when he’s writing a story that’s right out of the ballpark.

Such a story is The Cabin In The Woods.  Soaked in dark comedy, drenched in irony, and constantly taking you one a wild trip through a unique story, Whedon does what he does best.  Dialogue has that same witty banter and nothing is spared in shaking up your take on the story.  Right to the very end.  The cast, drawn mostly from TV shows (including some old Buffy actors) does a great job and pulls you into the classic horror scenario which you know from the beginning isn’t what it seems to be.

Cabin was a fun romp, and it is great to see Whedon back in form after having dropped the ball a bit on his past few projects.

I would give this film a B+.


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