Justin Trudeau

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Current Events, politics

The temptation of a desperate party would be to grasp at a perceived opportunity without patience.  That’s a common result of desperation.  However, to draft Justin Trudeau into the leadership because of charisma and youthful vitality would be a mistake.

I like Justin Trudeau.  He will, eventually, probably be a powerful force withing the Canadian political landscape.  I even like a lot of his current ideas.  But it is very clear that Justin is not ready for the hot seat.  A few undisciplined episodes over the past few years indicate that a little more experience and maturity is required.  It’s not a good idea to open a fine wine too early.  Drafting him before he’s ready would be to squander a potentially beneficial resource 10 years from now.

Let Justin Trudeau create for himself a resume that extends beyond being just another pretty face.  Let him put a few notable accomplishments under his belt.  Let him rise up through the ranks the same way others have had to in order to establish the necessary connections with other people so as to inspire true loyalty.   Dropping a neophyte into the Liberal leadership doesn’t work, as seen in the last election.

I have great hopes for Justin Trudeau, and would likely vote for him, …in about 10 years or so.


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