Nine year old shows up most Christians

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Current Events, Philosophical Debris, Religion

I agree that it is not fair to compare most Christians to the wackos at Westboro Baptist Church.  They are extreme fundamentalists and quite honestly really have to be regarded as emotionally or mentally disturbed.  Criticizing them cannot be legitimately regarded as a criticism of Christianity in general.

But recently, nine year old Josef Miles did something that causes me to consider another unavoidable criticism of the Christian community.  Don’t get me wrong.  Josef did something commendable and admirable.  This is, certainly, no criticism of his action.

When Josef and his mother happened past one of the Westboro demonstrations, seeing all of the hateful posters on display, he made his own little poster that simply said “God Hates No one”.  Whether you agree with his religious beliefs or not (and I don’t), you have to admire his thinking.  If fact, you have to ask yourself, where were the other Christians in the neighborhood.  Why weren’t they out there, like this young boy, making clear that these hate mongers aren’t representative of their own religious beliefs?  In fact, why has there been little noise made by decent Christians all over the country?

Silence is damning.  Silence suggests agreement, and I have to say that I truly believe that, while most decent Christians would never admit to agreeing with Westboro, or condone their methods, the core of Christian fundamentalism would probably find a fair bit of overlap with Westboro’s placards.  Christians may not protest against Westboro because it is awkward when you have to admit that you have at least a partial agreement.  While they may not feel that “God hates fags”, they would still have strong moral objection to gays and a majority would likely feel that they are doomed to burn in Hell.  Silence is damning.

If Christians truly believe that their religion is about love, they need to protest the mutilation of their faith.  They need to do so with the same passion that they use when speaking against abortion, gay marriage and many other issues. It’s like the “Pro-Life”, anti abortionists fighting tooth and nail for the sanctity of life and yet not supporting anti-war, anti-poverty and other life saving initiatives, -or not seeking out orphaned children to adopt.  Religious conviction based on convenience is a bit hallow.

Christians need to end their silence about such hateful churches.  Until they do, nine year old Josef will be a better Christian than any of them.


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