The Erosion of Canadian Democracy

Posted: June 3, 2012 in Current Events, politics

With the reversal of David Wilks’ stand on the Omnibus Bill, we see the efficient sledge hammer of the Conservative Executive come down to squash, threaten and intimidate an MP into reversing his stand on an important Bill and toting the party line.  An excellent article by Andrew Coyne in a recent edition of the National Post spotlights the current Conservative drive to centralize power and smother all dissent.  Right now they are in a position to do it within their own party, but other actions clearly indicate a wish to do it to anyone that disagrees with them, whether it be the CBC, Statistics Canada, the news media or anyone else that gets in their way.  Rendering certain powers to the Cabinet in this Omnibus Bill, effectively short circuits various commissions and agencies from doing their jobs, removing a level of oversight in the important decision making involved in environmental and health safety issues.

Coyne points out that MPs have the traditional role of representing their constituents and overseeing the Executive, regardless of which party they belong to.  In the current administration, they are nothing more than coerced rubber stamps, representing the wishes of Harper and his Cabinet rather than their constituents.


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