One more reason I’m glad I’m Canadian

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Current Events, Integral Studies, Media Gleanings, Religion, Statistics and Lies

First, let me say that my contributions to this blog have fallen off in the past few weeks largely do to a few trips and also because my writing energy has been applied to another project that I hope to talk about here soon.  I hope to add a few new posts soon and know that I’ll have to struggle to draw back some old readers.

I recently came across an American gallop poll that really surprised me.  The question was about creationism and evolution.  Three statements were asked of the American population.

The surprising result is that a full 40% believe that God created man the way it is described in the Bible, fully dismissing the evidence for evolution.  One might surmise that these same people are likely to believe that the Earth is only about 8 000 years old, as that goes with  the territory.  Another 38% believe that God had a hand in the evolution of man, which is a lot easier to understand and is a vague enough statement that I might even agree with it in one form or another.  At least that 38% are not claiming that the entire sciences of biology and archeology are bogus. The good news from the graph is that the trend seems to be moving slowly (very slowly) towards a more realistic belief, being at the lowest level now than it’s been in the past 30 years.

So, I immediately wondered how that compared with Canadian statistics.  Did we also have almost half of our population still living in the eighteenth century?  An Ekos poll found that only 14% of the Canadian population believed in a strict divine creationism, while 19% believed in God’s guidance of evolution.  Wow!  What a significant difference.

Let’s make sure it stays that way!


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