Prometheus – movie review

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Entertainment, Movies, Reviews

In Prometheus, Ridley Scott returns us to the world of the Alien movies with a prequel showing us how it all started.  Prequels are always interesting.  They’re challenging to make, because mostly we already know what’s going to happen.  In this case we know that they are going to meet the killer alien and be exterminated one by one.  It’s the classic Texas Chain Saw Massacre scenario played out in dozens of moves and the trick is to throw in a plot twist and make the killings as interesting an novel as possible.

Prometheus does that well.  We’re presented with  the mystery of the race that may have created humanity, although it’s not as interesting as it could have been.  I felt that this element in the movie could have been beefed up to make it a little more engaging.  The special effects of the aliens and their gruesome attacks on the humans is very well done.  One of the things that really impressed me was the faithfulness to the original art design of H.R. Giger, shich adds so much to the ambiance of the setting.

The acting is better than average, although you can’t help but wonder why some of the more objectionable characters were included on such an important venture.  I guess so that they could be killed off early.  I loved the android which seemed always on the verge of discovering some sort of human consciousness.  It was said that it didn’t have a soul, but it seemed like it had more of one than its creator.

I would give this film a B+.


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