Judge Dredd

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Entertainment, Movies, Reviews
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I saw this two weeks ago at TIFF.  I’ve been seriously slacking on this blog, -a problem which I’m hoping to correct.

At the beginning of the film the person introducing it stated that it was meant as an apology for the Stallone movie from 1995.  It succeeds.  On Rotten Tomatoes, the original one got 15% while the new one starring Karl Urban, gets 91%.  It’s an action packed, violent film with lots of explosions.  And yet it maintains great production standards, an engaging plot and great performances.  It is a bit of a self satire of the comic book film genre, but then again the original comic book was the same.

I overheard one person in a lineup say that it was a “guys night out” kind of movie.  Very true.  The cinematography has got that gory slow motion quality that you see in the Spartacus TV show.  One scene has a bullet going through someone’s mouth in slow motion with the expected blood spatter.

I would give this film a B+.


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