HSBC Escapes Justice

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Current Events, Media Gleanings

If there was ever a doubt that banking and financial institutions in the U.S. were above the law and enjoyed special legal status, the recent findings that senior bank officials were complicit in the laundering of money for drug cartels and terrorist groups, and the complete lack of consequences for any institution or individual makes it perfectly clear.  The same financial moguls who engineered the greatest fraud of the decade in 2008, leading to a recession and the misery of countless people as they lost homes and savings will never be held accountable because they are “too important”.

The wealthy have always enjoyed special privileges, but at least they usually had the decency to try to cover it up.  Now these CEOs and institutions break one law after another with total impunity.  It is a dangerous precedent.  What elas may they assume they can get away with now that they know that they are too important to disrupt.

Read the article, as it provides a lot of interesting facts.


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