Best Movies of 2012 – my list

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Entertainment, Movies, Reviews

Not a bad year for movies, although there have been better.  TIFF was a lot of fun this year and I was lucky in my selection.  The following list is a mixture of popular and intellectual films.  There is an entertainment and an artistic facet to films.  The best ones strike a balance between the two, although occasionally a movie, like The Avengers, can be mindlessly entertaining and still be a huge success.  It’s harder for one to be strongly intellectual but low on entertainment and still be accessible to more than just a few people with a specific interest.

1.  The Avengers
2. Life of Pi
3. The Master
4. God Bless America
5. Dark Knight
6. Cabin In The Woods
7. Moonrise Kingdom
8. Hunger Games
9. Chronicle
10.Cloud Atlas

With special mention going to the following:  Queen of Versailles; I Declare War; Turn Me On; Judge Dredd; Man on a Ledge; Monsieur Lazhar;

Movies I haven’t gotten to yet, but look promising:  Skyfall, Jiro Dreams of Sushi; Les Miserables; Red Hook Summer; Invisible War; Sister, The Hobbit

You’ll notice the Argo and Lincoln are not on the list.  I found Argo to be a middlin’ good movie at best.  The story is interesting, but neither the acting nor the cinematography are anything special.  I saw it close to Life of Pi and thought the latter was far superior in many ways.  I haven’t seen Lincoln and the reviews don’t encourage me to.  I think the praise both of these movies have gotten is more of a political nod than an artistic one.

I don’t hold out much hope for The Hobbit as I think stretching it out to three movies is going to make it drag.  It’s a shame.  Two would probably have been fine.  When you see something like that, you can’t help but think “greed”.

Hunger Games is an odd one for me to include on the list, but I did really think that it was a solid, well done film.  Plot, acting, setting, special effects, even theme were all well crafted.  It has everything from comic book action to social commentary.


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