Piers Morgan IS a Bully

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Current Events, Media Gleanings, Philosophical Debris, Reviews, Statistics and Lies

Here’s a clip from Piers Morgan’s interview with Ben Shapiro around the date of Jan. 10.  Whether you agree with Shapiro or not, he is a fantastic debater and, as the title suggests, “owns” Morgan.  Watch as Morgan squirms when accused of “standing on the shoulders of the dead” to make his point.  I am sympathetic to gun control activists, but even I can see the point that Shapiro is trying to make.  It’s true.  If a guest’s opinion on gun control differs from Morgan’s, he tries to make them look guilty for ignoring the death of innocent children.  The Newtown deaths were a terrible tragedy, but were also a virtual drop in the bucket compared to child deaths from handguns or from countless other social ills, like poverty.  To put them in the centre spotlight is a valid emotional response, but not a rationally sound one.

Watch Morgan change the subject when Shapiro’s arguments cut through the hypocrisy that Morgan’s been spouting for the past months.  Watch Morgan desperately try to control himself when finally faced with a pro-gun person who wasn’t hand picked because he or she was a nut job.  Watch Morgan sidestep the important questions which are brought up with Shapiro, deflecting them with his usual tactic of ignoring direct question that are posed to him and retreating to talking points much like a Republican leadership nominee or two.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here, again.  As long as the anti-gun people insist on resting their arguments on emotional foundations, there is not likely to be a change.  Moderates will look at Morgan’s interviews and see it for the emotional swill that it is, thereby siding with the people who are afraid that misguided liberals are going to take their guns away and tell them what they should and shouldn’t do.

Bad tactics.


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