A Very Interesting Speculation On The Ford Controversy

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Current Events, politics

One of the reader comments on a National Post article caught my attention.  It presents a new light on this Ford controversy.  One that is all too plausible and even more disturbing.

walkingbearan hour ago

Two Choices. #1…Ford was set up…it is all a hoax. #2. Whoa….wait here. fires his chief of staff for advice on rehab counseling? Over six months makes leagues of outrageous statements and odd reactions to numerous situations, and is thrice in court for his virtual arrogance? hmmm… But then the biggie! One of his football students at Boscoe is gunned down in a drug deal type attack…left dead on the ground. Why? If Ford was involved in crack at a party, where some of his “guys” from that hood at the little venue? Did a couple of them become set up to deal Ford for a video and some cash? Did the kid that was so pointlessly and savagely murdered, have a loyalty to Ford that could have cost him his life? Why have the cops not made a statement. Are they all on extended 24-lof-May weekend? If….IFF. Rob Ford has friends who use crack…or could link him up with it….well…Ford has already said that he knows of that problem in the community of his football players. Thus it is not unreasonable to feel that the boy killed cold have been implicated…perhaps as one loyal to the mayor well a few of his buds and a dealer want to sell him out for some fast cash. Is it too far fetched to think that the murdered boy was indeed Ford’s back in this scenario? Why hasn’t Ford come forward? HOw is it that Ford’s problem with substance abuse is being murmured around the city’s rehab and addiction professionals, while the rest of the world sits in awe? I am a fan of Ford’s policies, his courage to stand up to Adam Vaughan who champions the greedy causes of uncaring destructive union thugs. But…somebody….SOMEBODY PLEASE tell me that video does not include any of those football players and crack, because if it does…or did…or could…then the life of that young man deserves full investigation, along with the actions of anyone associated with that team. This walkingbear has a very bad feeling about all of this. Very bad indeed. The mayor smokes up at a little party with the boys, he is caught on a video …a phone maybe…and then the quarrel is set up between the dealer and those interested in selling Ford out, and the one kid who wanted to protect his coach.


  1. mmmmw says:

    Disturbing possibility, to say the least

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