Three lies from Bell

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Personal Whining

A survey of complaint websites and also of many friends easily yields the fact that Rogers is the most untrusted and unloved cell provider out there, but we wouldn’t want to ignore Ma Bell.  The two major complaints that I had with Rogers are equally present with Bell, and with most of the smaller, affiliate providers as well.  Both have the 30 day notice and both charge to unlock your phone.

However, in my search for a new cell phone and provider, Bell distinguished itself with three noteworthy lies.  The first was when a sly salesperson tried to pressure me into a sale by giving me what she called a special deal on an iPhone 5, if I bought it within three days.  I’m always suspicious of this tactic, as I’ve encountered it often with salespeople peddling anything from cars to washer/dryers.  It turns out that the given day that the offer expired was also the day that Apple announced their new phones, and the price when lower on all old models.  She clearly knew this.

Later, when comparing Koodo to Bell, a Bell salesperson told me emphatically that Koodo did not have access to all Bell towers, so I would not get as effective signal coverage.  This turned out to be an outright lie.  The signal coverage and tower access is identical.

The last one was on the phone as I was trying to cancel my Bell land line.  It took forever because the customer service person tried every argument in the book to keep me from cancelling.  The most pathetic was the argument that if I called 911 from my cell phone, the EMS would be unable to trace my address from a cell phone and wouldn’t show up.  I knew this was likely false as I’ve actually been in a situation where someone’s phone actually accidentally dialed 911 in a friend’s back yard, and the police showed up asking whose phone had a specific number.  They had no trouble tracing it.  A little Internet research shows that, while tracing the locations of cell phones is not yet perfect, it is still pretty good.  Especially in Canada.  And certainly if your cell phone is GPS enabled.  In order to try to keep me from cancelling my land line, the customer relations person was willing (and probably instructed) to throw a bold faced lie at me.

This experience with changing my cell provider and comparing deals for a new one has been very instructive, demonstrating that these businesses seem to be ethically bankrupt.

In “fairness” to Rogers, after i called them and argued with them for over an hour regarding their unfair termination policies, one customer relations rep was willing to give me a sizable discount on another Rogers service that I’m currently locked into (for the time being).  I thought it was a reasonable and somewhat gracious move, compensating me for both the unfair fees and for the substandard signal that I’ve lived with for years.  However after talking to some friends and reading countless comments on complaint websites, I wonder whether I’ll ever see that promised discount implemented.  I think I’ll call them later in the week to see whether it appears on my computer file.

  1. pwiinholt says:

    And, again in fairness, I have confirmed that they have done so.

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