Rob Ford, leave!!

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Current Events, politics
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In my opinion, the only surprise in the facts presented yesterday about the police discovery of an incriminating video including Rob Ford is that there are still 20% to 30% of voters in Toronto misguided enough to continue their support.  Come on, people!  Seriously!  Any person who was the CEO of a private company would have been dismissed or asked to take a leave of absence long ago.  Even the President of The United States would be facing impeachment procedures.  (I’m not certain where impeachment comes into Canadian politics, but apparently it is not an option at a municipal level.)   Even as a teacher, had I faced the same circumstances as Rob Ford, I would have been immediately removed from the classroom.  There would be no question about “innocent until proven guilty”.

And that “innocent until proven guilty” ploy is one of the three insane arguments regularly being used by those holding fast to their Fordnation delusions.  “Innocent until proven guilty” is a question that arises in the case of arrest and legal penalty.  It doesn’t apply to someone holding a position of public trust like a mayor.  Legal procedures can take up to a year, meaning that a man suspected of unethical and possibly illegal activities should be allowed to remain as Chief Magistrate of the city until after the next election.?  There is no question that his position should be at least suspended, if not resigned.  Especially considering that this is the second time it’s been necessary and the tenth time he’s been accused of unethical or bizarre behavior.  It would be irresponsible to allow him to maintain control of politics in the city of Toronto, and that has nothing to do with “innocent until proven guilty”.  We’re not talking about putting him in jail.

The second insane argument is that Ford is the victim of a liberal witch hunt.  After one hears quacks, to conclude that it is likely a duck is not a witch hunt.   And in Ford’s case he has been quacking consistently for some time.  I have seen comments on line comparing Ford’s activities to Justin Trudeau’s confession of smoking pot, asking why Trudeau is not getting the same condemnation.  That comparison and parallel is so irrationally desperate that it doesn’t even deserve a response.  Anyone who cannot distinguish between these two situations is so deeply intrenched in their conservative mindset as to be delusional, and no amount of discourse is going to help them.

The third argument that I’ve heard is that Ford has been the best mayor Toronto has had in a long time.  This point, at least, can give rise to some rational debate, but the result of any such debate has to shed serious doubt.  A recent Toronto Star analysis of Ford’s economic policies and accomplishments (-and at this point I think The Star has been vindicated-) discloses that at best Ford has managed less of an increase in municipal government spending than some of his predecessors.  Spending is not down, just not increased quite as much.  And, it seems, that reduced increase was accomplished largely because of city assets being sold off and privatized rather than actual spending cuts.  An objective analysis of Ford’s economic accomplishments demonstrated that his claims of reducing the city’s budget are just so much smoke and mirrors.  There was no real “gravy train”, other than possibly his own consistent use of city resources for his own pet projects, and you can’t be a crusader to clean up something that doesn’t exist.    It was all done to zero in on either that element of the voters unable to understand the intricacies of city finances, or those that would directly benefit from his policies.  In that combination of ignorance and greed we ended up with a mayor who was a clown.

For those of us with even a speck of reason, -yes, even The Toronto Sun-, it is clear beyond any reasonable doubt that Rob Ford has used up every chance owed to him.  He needs to leave.


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