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Posted: November 10, 2013 in Current Events, politics

It is rare and noteworthy to find something as totally and completely wrong as the above billboard.

1.  “We support Mayor Ford”  Who is “WE”?  Anonymity is cowardice.

2. With the improper (and illegal) use of the City of Toronto Logo right beside the opening statement, the implication is that it is the city that “supports Mayor Ford”.  Beg to differ.  Neither the City itself, nor a majority of it’s population support Mayor Ford.

3.  “Ford = Fiscal Responsibility” is a very debatable fact.  There is a lot of ways to interpret Ford’s fiscal “accomplishments” and not all of them are favorable.  It certainly is not a solid fact, and is rather suspect in the context of the rest of this billboard.

4.  Quoting the Bible at the bottom should be offensive to Christians.  Compassion is universal, but using it to shore up support for a self confessed drug user might be a little inappropriate.

From top to bottom, this billboard manages to get just about everything wrong.

Oh yes, and as someone pointed out, the people who commissioned this billboard obviously don’t believe that there should be an “I” in “Responsibility.  I don’t think Rob Ford does either, so that perhaps is one thing that the billboard got right. 


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