Posted: March 1, 2014 in Current Events, Philosophical Debris, politics, Religion

My last post had a paragraph in it where I suggested that, in the event that the Arizona “Freedom of Religion Act” actually became law,  businesses in Arizona that supported the denial of service to some people only be protected by the proposed law (recently vetoed, thankfully) if they posted a sign in their windows informing people that they wished to “discriminate”.

After thinking about that, I see it as a very flawed suggestion.  I have a better idea that replaces the negative with the positive.  Regardless of whether the law is in effect or not, there should be a campaign to have businesses post a sign or sticker on their doors stating that they support equal rights and service for everyone.  It could take several forms, religious and non-religious.  Businesses that wish to assert their acceptance of equal rights (and thereby stick it to the supporters of the discriminatory law) could do so in a very politically correct and affirmative way.  The end result would be the same, giving patrons a chance to make a decision before they gave a business their money.  I’m sure that many customers would prefer to shop in places that assert their belief in freedom for all.



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