Posted: May 4, 2014 in Current Events, Election, politics

So let me get this straight. In the middle of a political campaign, when the Fords know that they are being scrutinized not only by the press buy by most of the public, Rob meets up with his criminally charged friend Sandro Lisi in his sister’s basement, who also brings along another guy who is a self confessed drug dealer. They get out a crack or hash pipe and Rob lights up. The drug dealer videos the event, yet again catching Rob Ford in the act of smoking some kind of drug, and yet again offering it at a price to a local newspaper, after being sure that their reporters witness the video. Almost immediately after the exposure, Rob Ford makes a brief statement involving no apologies and is quickly whisked out of town for a 30 day “rehab program”.

I find the whole thing rather hard to believe, even for the Ford family.

Let me propose another possible interpretation of the events.

Rob Ford’s campaign team are faced with one inevitable skeleton that they can’t control. The original video of Ford smoking crack, which came to light over a year ago, has still not been released to the public. However, it is highly likely that it would somehow be released between now and the upcoming municipal election. It would do most damage to Ford’s campaign if it were released say in August or September. This is a factor that the campaign strategists are probably worried about and frustrated that they can’t control.

And so, what to do about it? Well, if they can’t control the release of one video, then the lesser of several evils, the optimal damage control, would be to contrive another video that they can control. That’s what I would do if I were sufficiently diabolical and in charge of Ford’s campaign. Contriving a second video allows the campaign to do several things to the time line. First, it allows the release of a damning video six months before the election, giving the impact a chance to dissipate. Secondly, it allows Rob Ford to take a month off at a point in the campaign where it does minimum damage, and, as a bonus, reappear looking fit and claiming to be rehabilitated. He then has at least four more months in which to campaign and consolidate his position. As another bonus, if and when the original video surfaces, it becomes trivial, with that issue and its related demons already been dealt with.

It would be a brilliant move. I can’t say that this is what has happened here, but the whole thing has a contrived smell to it. It would be a cold strategy, but one that would not be inconsistent with Rob Ford or the desperation of his situation.

  1. rod says:

    I think all that could be accomplished without a second video. I think the second video only causes more problems. The video only makes it look like he is getting help because he got caught again. If he did all this without the presence of a video it would appear to be more sincere.

  2. Cynical-R-us says:

    My interpretation ; Rob set this up himself to convince Doug, mommy the people who are actually using Rob for their benefit, that he really is messed up. Maybe Lisi used his phone and and Rob made it look like he assaulted him and accidently broke the audio:)

    Plus the Don Bosco documents that he has put the kibosh on, for now is where the real damage is, much worse than the crack or trash talking. IMO

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