Posted: May 7, 2014 in Current Events, Election, politics

Normally it would be plain good taste and courtesy to give someone space and privacy when they’ve checked into a rehab facility. However, in the case of Rob Ford it is perfectly reasonable to scrutinize his supposed rehab situation for a number of reasons.

1. Ford’s track record clearly shows that he has a very creative relationship with the truth. In the past, little that he’s said could be taken at face value.

2. There seem to be some major inconsistencies and discrepancies on the story that the press were given about Ford’s plans when he left last week. Flying to Chicago, or making people think you’ve flown to Chicago, then disappearing and returning to Canada, is not a confidence building strategy. It would have been far more straight forward to state that he was going to an undisclosed location. The convoluted deception just adds fuel to the fire.

3. As I stated in my post from several days ago, the whole situation seems a bit odd and smells contrived.

As a public official currently involved in an election campaign, the public deserves some clarity on this. Ford has a right to privacy, and I’m sure he may be in a situation where the privacy of others could be an issue as well, but laying more deception on the pile that already exists is not clarity. The public and the media are totally justified in being skeptical and Ford does have a responsibility to be at least somewhat transparent about his rehab.

Those that say, “Leave him alone,” see Rob Ford as the victim here. He’s not.  He’s made the choice not to abdicate his position as mayor and by running in the election has made his integrity fair game for scrutiny.

  1. Michael says:

    I would say he can regain the right to privacy if he steps down.
    While he remains a candidate for mayor, and while a cornerstone of that candidacy remains (or will be) see – I went to rehab, I think the public has a right to verify.

  2. pwiinholt says:

    Michael, I definitely agree with that, and I think it has been the case all along. The attention and the inspection that he’s been under for the past years could all have stopped at any time if he had stepped down from office. By not doing so he did and still does justify the scrutiny.

  3. Michael says:

    I agree. I think he’s been under more scrutiny than many other politicians, but that’s justified, in my mind, by the fact that he’s tried to get away with more stuff than most other politicians.

  4. pwiinholt says:

    All of this “checking in” seems a little ingenuine too.

  5. Michael says:

    He called it a “working rehab” in one media report. Seriously?

  6. Michael says:

    Today we have sightings outside of Rehab.

    Where in the world is Rob Ford? Toronto’s mayor says he’s in rehab, but eyewitnesses say otherwise.

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