About PW

Peter W. (that’s me) is a retired teacher who taught Intermediate grades (-that’s Middle School, for U.S. friends-) for about 30 years before stepping back in June 2010.  During that time I also put a lot of energy into leading a variety of youth groups centred around Native American Culture, Nature Awareness and Wilderness Survival.  I’ve had a life long interest in psychology, pedagogy, awareness and the nature of consciousness, and I think that has always been my prime motivation as a teacher and youth leader.  About 20 years ago I discovered the Tracker School, run by Tom Brown Jr., which added a lot of very important tools to my leadership repertoire.  More recently, the writings and ideas of Ken Wilber, relating to Integral Psychology, have become an important world view perspective.

One of the things that I taught in my later years as a teacher was Art, and in my retirement I’m trying to find my way into better and new methods of creativity.  In Visual Arts, since I don’t seem to have much patience or ability in drawing, I’ve spending a lot of my time improving my photography.  In time, I’m hoping to display some of my better efforts in ongoing posts on this Blog and also on my web site.  I’m also aspiring to water colour painting and learning a musical instrument, -but those things seem to be in limbo at the moment.  …I’ll keep you posted.

Writing is also a passion.  I’m currently writing a Philosophical Autobiography.  I’ll link it from here and put a post up about it as it materializes.  This autobiography would trace the development of an extremely rationalist, right wing teenager into the more centralist, post-rationalist and spiritual person that I find myself now.  This would be of interest to my many rationalist friends who can’t imagine anything outside of empirical evidence backed up by a double blind science experiment.  There’s more to life than scientific method.

Pictures and other stuff can be found on my web site,


  1. Paul Seymour says:

    Hi Peter, not really sure if this is the format to get in touch with you, but I will try it.
    I try an old E-mail address that did not work, so if have time, send a note to the address attached to this comment.

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